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Starting on Wednesday March 1, we will begin a 100 day Gong of daily Tian Yuan, Di Yuan and 5 squats. Click on the button bellow to join the WhatsApp group for only attendees of the RXAL retreat in Tepoztlán. Let's inspire one another by practicing Yuan Qigong together and sharing our experiences.

A Gift from Us: Two Audios

To show our gratitude, we'd like to share these two audios to support your Gong and Yuan Qigong practice. Enjoy!

Join the At Home Learning program

We offer several Qigong courses in English on the REN XUE of the Americas website. The Qigong courses include practice audios, videos and tutorials to both begin a Qigong practice and to keep it going! On the RXA website you can also find our bi-weekly Qiblog articles and much more.

Learn Qigong in Spanish! The first method course, Tian Yuan, is available in Spanish on the REN XUE America Latina website. This course includes three practice audios, a practice video and tutorial to review the method. The second method Di Yuan will be coming soon!

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It was a wonderful retreat!

The REN XUE América Latina team feels deeply grateful that you joined us for this beautiful first REN XUE retreat in Tepoztlán, Mexico. It was a lot of work, and also a joy to organize and share with everyone.


To stay connected and inspired, we want to share a few resources with you:

Unconditional dreaming

Feel free to share with us anything about the retreat and what you wish and imagine for the future of REN XUE. We would love to stay connected with you and are happy to build something beautiful together... we are a family!

Unconditional dreaming