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The Power is In You

– Qigong Retreat –

Join our bilingual retreat in Mexico

January 26 - February 1, 2024


We lovingly welcome you to this Yuan Qigong and life cultivation retreat, based on the theories and principles of Ren Xue (The Study of Human Life.) 

Through in-depth talks and healings, Norberto Rodrigues will inspire you to explore your inner wisdom, experience true freedom and use this unique Qigong style to support your healing process.

We lovingly welcome you to this Yuan Qigong and life cultivation retreat, based on the theories and principles of Ren Xue (The Study of Human Life.) 

Through in-depth talks and healings, Norberto Rodrigues will inspire you to explore your inner wisdom, experience true freedom and use this unique Qigong style to support your healing process.

At this retreat you will benefit from:

  • Learning Yuan Qigong methods - unique moving & still meditations.
  • Experiencing relaxation techniques to feel better physically and emotionally.
  • Exploring and healing your inner world through heart-opening meditations.
  • Feeling deep states of tranquility and joy.
  • Connecting and sharing in a warm, supportive environment. 
  • Reveling in a vibrant energetic field (Qifield) full of love and inspiration.

If this resonates with you, we’ll see you there!

All talks and classes will be offered in both English & Spanish.



Qigong is a holistic practice for better health that originated in Ancient China. Yuan Qigong was designed by Yuan Tze for modern lifestyles, combining ancient wisdom, elements of science, psychology and other modern disciplines. The practice is easy to learn, safe and powerful. 

Yuan Qigong invites you to connect with your Heart and True Self - two  aspects that welcome more inner-peace, strength, joy, and brings clarity to life.

Join us in Mexico

This retreat in Mexico will take place in Comunidad Tapalehui (30 minutes from the city of Cuernavaca, in the state of Morelos.) Morelos is a warm state which will be a welcome relief to those coming from wintery climates! 

As you approach the well-hidden retreat center, the lush greenery will allow you to begin relaxing into the magical garden that we will call home during our stay. The grounds are spacious, so there are plenty of spots to have some alone time and connect deeply with nature.


Norberto Rodrigues, Yuan Qigong and Ren Xue teacher, in the critically-acclaimed film, Already Free, which is centered around his journey of transforming his life through Ren Xue teachings. 

As a child, Norberto was fascinated by spirituality, consciousness, martial arts, science and investigation. It was this fascination that led him to study physical education at a postgraduate level and further his investigation of biochemistry and physiology. 

Norberto is known around the world for his retreats, workshops and online sessions. Currently living in Portugal, this is Norberto’s second REN XUE retreat in Mexico.

Norberto's Talks

Listening to Norberto’s talks is a process of heart to heart communication. It’s extraordinary because it goes far deeper than verbal communication. His talks carry a great deal of information filled with a huge amount of wisdom, love and compassion. If the listener is open, the information he shares so freely can touch the listener deeply and create a profoundly transformative effect.

The practice of Yuan Qigong with diversity of experience levels

This retreat is offered to people with varying levels of experience with Yuan Qigong: from complete beginners to practitioners with lots of experience. During the retreat, participants will have the opportunity to practice different methods and learn new ones, in both English and/or Spanish. We recommend that participants practice according to their own physical condition. Participants will learn the Qigong methods from qualified teachers who will be there to guide them throughout the retreat.

Qualified Teachers for Guidance & Support

A team of qualified Yuan Qigong and Ren Xue teachers will be present to offer help and support throughout the retreat. They are people devoted to helping others to transform their lives for the better.

Start & Finish Times of the Retreat

The retreat will begin midafternoon on Friday 26th and will finish after lunch on Thursday 1st February.


"During the first healing Norberto did on our first night, something changed deep inside my heart. The things that used to irritate me and negative judgements about myself and others dissolved into space, quietness & love... I'm definitely coming to the next one!"


More Information

Accommodation and Pricing

We always strive to make our retreats as equitable and accessible as possible. To accommodate the difference in currency rates between Latin American countries in relation to other locations throughout the globe, we offer discounted rate for those living in Latin America. The price is per person and includes all the activities that are offered at the retreat, including accommodation and food. All prices are listed in Mexican Pesos.


Shared room (men and women separate) for 2/3 people in single beds with a bathroom:

$11,000 Mexican pesos for people living in Latin America
$15,000 Mexican pesos for people not living in Latin America 

Single room with a bathroom: 

Sold Out $14,000 Mexican pesos for people living in Latin America
Sold Out $18,000 Mexican pesos for people not living in Latin America

For any questions, please contact Lula Dolz,


The retreat includes 3 meals per day and a tea break mid afternoon. Traditional Mexican food will be offered. On registering, you can share if you have any food allergies / restrictions. 

You’re also welcome to bring snacks or any foods you’d like to supplement the meals with if you feel you’ll need them during your stay.

How to prepare

Mental Preparation

‘Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation.’ If you have decided to participate in this retreat you may have some expectations. What can we do to turn our expectations into reality? The following will help you prepare and get yourself ready.

  1. Think about what you would like to achieve at this stage of your life in order to move your life forward.
  2. Think about what you would like to achieve at this retreat.

Practical Tip: Learn and Practice Yuan Gong 

In addition to the mental preparation mentioned above, there are things you can do to help you get ready. 

Yuan Gong methods will be taught at the retreat. However, learning and practicing in advance will mean you can reap the benefits of the retreat practice immediately. This will help you build up a Qi foundation for the healing and work on life we do at the retreat. 

You can learn by:

What to bring

Cuernavaca, the nearest city to Comunida Tapalehui, has a warm climate all year round. In January and February the average temperature varies between highs of 30 degrees celsius (86 fahrenheit) and lows of 15 degrees celsius (59 degrees fahrenheit.) 

We recommended bringing:

  • A blanket for sitting mediations - in the morning / evening it can be cooler 
  • The center offers seats, thick mats and cushions, but you’re also welcome to bring your own. The main thing is for you to be as comfortable as possible! 
  • Comfortable clothing 
  • Flip flops and a bathing suit for the pool 
  • A water bottle, thermos for hot water 
  • Something to take notes on 
  • earplugs (for sharing a room comfortably if you need)

The Venue

Comunidad Tapalehui

Cerro del Sapo A1
Colonia Tapalehui
62680 Xoxocotla

Please note: If you’re coming of your own accord, you can send Lula a Whatsapp message and she’ll send you the “pin” with the exact location +52 9541687701


How to get there

From Mexico City to Cuernavaca by bus:

There are 3 options by public bus:

  • Taxqueña, la central del sur (The South bus station)
  • La Central del Norte (The North bus station) 
  • Mexico City International Airport

The buses leave regularly and the journey lasts around 2 hours (depending on the time of day.) 

We’ll offer a private minibus from the airport which will take you straight to the retreat center for an additional cost. If you’re interested, you can ask to receive more information about this when you register. 


From Cuernavaca to Comunidad Tapalehui:

You have 2 options: 

1 By bus or taxi: 

From Cuernavaca you can take a public bus (bus company Pullman) towards Xoxocotla from these 2 bus stations: 

  • La terminal del Casino de la Selva
  • La terminal Pullman de Morelos (in the center of the city)

Xoxocotla does not have an official bus stop so you have to tell the driver to stop at the taxi rank where the Bodega Aurrera supermarket is, before arriving in Xoxocotla. From there you can take a taxi to Comunidad Tapalehui. The taxi costs $80 pesos approximately and you’ll arrive in around 10 minutes. 

2 In a taxi from Cuernavaca to Tapalehui

It’ll cost you $600 pesos approximately.

Ren Xue America Latina Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your retreat registration, please do so early. Late cancellations may make it difficult to give someone else the opportunity to attend. Once you have paid any portion of the retreat fee, administrative and possibly cancellation fees will apply, depending on the cancellation date. 

If you cancel your reservation before December 15, 2023 at midnight we will refund all fees paid minus any applicable administrative charges.