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Embrace your transformative power

Get to know yourself through Qigong and open your heart in this retreat


Self-knowledge is essential to finding health, well-being and happiness. Appreciating our ability to feel and grow can transform our lives and help us find meaning and direction.

In this retreat Norberto Rodrigues will help us to know human nature and how to reach self-realization in a full and natural way. Through deep relaxation we will unify with our life force (Qi). In that connection with our most spiritual self, with our heart and our mind, a unique, revitalizing and transforming journey begins.

In this magical retreat you will benefit from:

  • Learn Yuan Qigong. Daily practice will make you discover a vitality that you did not know
  • Know the relaxation techniques we use in Ren Xue to live in harmony.
  • Feel deeply a state of calm and natural with oneself, with others and with nature.
  • Deepen your own feeling through guided meditations designed to open the heart and develop fulfillment and wisdom.
  • Connect and share as a family.
  • Feeling a vibrant, serene field of Qi (energy), full of love and wisdom will make you vibrate like never before.

Throughout the retreat, in his daily talks and healing sessions, Norberto will guide the Qi field towards self-knowledge and transformation.

If this resonates with you, we are waiting for you in Jardin de La Abundancia (Garden of Abundance) in Tepoztlán (in the state of Morelos, 1hr15 from Mexico City by road.)

The retreat will be bilingual. All sessions will be conducted in English and Spanish.


The first Yuan Qigong retreat in Mexico will take place in Tepoztlán, a charming city surrounded by mountains, nestled in the heart of Morelos, the state of eternal spring. Considered one of the 'Magical Towns' of Mexico, we are sure that you will feel that way when you are here. Tepoztlán is famous for its healing and transformational energy. The retreat will be bilingual. All sessions will be conducted in English and Spanish.

When: February 18-24, 2023

Where: Garden of Abundance,Tepoztlán

Prices: single bed in shared room (female or male) with 3-4 people, shared
bathroom 10,000 Mexican pesos (for people living in Latin America), 17,500 Mexican pesos (for people who do not live in Latin America)




Norberto Rodrigues, teacher of Yuan Qigong, is one of the protagonists of the acclaimed documentary Already Free about the spiritual path and personal growth.
As a child, Norberto was fascinated by spiritual topics, meditation, martial arts, work on consciousness, energy, wisdom, healing and how to improve life and help others. At the age of 10, Norberto started karate classes and from the 12 Chinese martial arts such as Hung Gar. Norberto has also always been very interested in science and research. Seeking the truth has always been one of his priorities. Hence, I studied physical education and health at the graduate level, deepening in biochemistry and physiology.
Norberto is known worldwide for his retreats, workshops and online sessions. In this retreat you will share your wisdom and experience.

Norberto's Talks

Listening to Norberto's talks is a heart-to-heart communicative experience. It is extraordinary because it goes far beyond verbal communication. His talks contain great informative power because they are filled with immense wisdom, love, and compassion. All this information that he shares so openly offers the possibility of deeply touching the listener and creating a profound transformative effect.


The practice of Yuan Qigong with diversity of experience levels

This retreat is offered to people with different levels of experience in the practice of Qigong: from beginners to practitioners with more or less experience. There will be sessions to accommodate all levels. We recommend that participants practice according to their physical condition and apply the practices they learn little by little. We encourage everyone to calculate the suitability of the practice as they learn and adjust to it. Participants will receive advice on the mode and frequency of Qigong practice from qualified teachers who will be at the retreat.


The Qi Field

The Qi field will be very powerful. It will offer a lot of information for healing and vital evolution. Such a Qi field can bring intense transformative effects towards healing and growth.


Support team led by qualified teachers

A team of qualified teachers at Ren Xue and Yuan Qigong will offer comprehensive support throughout the retreat. They are people committed to the mission of helping and contributing to the participants developing their own processes of change and evolution. No advice will be offered on how to manage health using modalities that are not part of the Ren Xue system, such as medicines. Decisions in this regard are personal, and Ren Xue's teachers will stay out of it.

There is Magic in Every Beginning